Monday, June 24, 2024

Four Years in Use

 Four years ago I published post about my Go terminal application which I use as  personal password manager.

During all these years I used it on constant basis making some tweaking here and there. This post  summarizes major changes.

  • Application now supports mouse interface. User can utilize keyboard  hits  and mouse clicks interchangeably.
  • At start application can be supplied with some flags. That allows  to select application colors, initial application mode, even  add new table column or delete existing one.
  • In case current cell contains valid URL user can open browser window on that URL with the help of WWW button.
  • There is no button Add anymore (its functionality  absorbed  by button Edit). 
  • When table is in focus user may select  row by hitting key which corresponds to the first letter of the  record name. 
  • Initial implementation had a security vulnerability: content of clipboard was not cleared  in case application was terminated  by closing console window .  Now it is fixed: disregarding of which  way application is terminated (by Ctrl+C, Exit button, or window closing)  clipboard is empty.
Source code of the application  as well as readme is available to the public (same place)

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