Saturday, December 18, 2021

With the Help of a Soda Can Tab


I have several precision screwdrivers. They are from different vendors  and have different length. All of them are of decent quality and deserve some good care. For screwdriver to be in service for a long time it is important  to use them with proper match: right screwdriver for the right screw.  To make selection of screwdriver easy I made myself the screwdriver stand.

On the picture above there is elements from which I made the stand:
  • Several wooden pieces (made out of redwood)
  • Ten soda can pull  tabs.
  • Long screw for wood.
And here is the stand.

Now I can easy select whatever screwdriver I need. 

I have found that soda can tab to be an valuable item  in my hardware inventory. I even created instructable    with description of its various usage . Will free to borrow whatever you find suitable for your needs.