Monday, June 24, 2024

Four Years in Use

 Four years ago I published post about my Go terminal application which I use as  personal password manager.

During all these years I used it on constant basis making some tweaking here and there. This post  summarizes major changes.

  • Application now supports mouse interface. User can utilize keyboard  hits  and mouse clicks interchangeably.
  • At start application can be supplied with some flags. That allows  to select application colors, initial application mode, even  add new table column or delete existing one.
  • In case current cell contains valid URL user can open browser window on that URL with the help of WWW button.
  • There is no button Add anymore (its functionality  absorbed  by button Edit). 
  • When table is in focus user may select  row by hitting key which corresponds to the first letter of the  record name. 
  • Initial implementation had a security vulnerability: content of clipboard was not cleared  in case application was terminated  by closing console window .  Now it is fixed: disregarding of which  way application is terminated (by Ctrl+C, Exit button, or window closing)  clipboard is empty.
Source code of the application  as well as readme is available to the public (same place)

Saturday, June 1, 2024

Tetris House

Couple of photos of  new street art  artifact : "Tetris House". It is private house  in Duboce Triangle neighborhood of San Francisco. Owner recently made  his house to become piece of art.


Street where this house located is not that wide and it is hard to catch the moment, when there are no cars parked, but I tried my best.

And one more photo near the Market Street and 10th Street.