Sunday, January 11, 2015

Computer Desk Hutch with Sit or Stand Option

This project is a remake of the DIY project "Sit-n-Stand monitor station" described in the my old post: How did I join the Uprising. Recently my family moved into the new house and a lot of old stuff including some of DIY things did not survive the moving. I have to make the  station again. This time it  looks less DIY and more furniture like  (I hope). The basic principle is the same: desk with monitor moves up and down within sides sliders. Pulley system with counter weight compensates gravity force making moving easy. But there are some  differences:
  • Instead of single pulley line in the middle of the desk there are two lines on both sides of the desk.
  • I made desk as light as possible (but without any sacrifice of sturdiness).  
  • Light desk allowed me to switch from 3-times advantage pulley system to 2-times advantage system. As a result of that counterweight moves withing the boundaries of the hutch.
  •  I mounted  two shelves in the inner side of the hutch making some use of hutch volume.
Detailed steps of this project is published on the "Instructables" site right here: Sit&Stand Computer Desk Hutch . I even submitted it to couple of "Instructables" contests.  I cannot tell that submission made the big splash but project got some attention. While it does not win first prize it reached one contest final and here is my award: "Instrcutables" robot t-shirt.