Wednesday, June 1, 2022

The Bedroom Table


I needed a table to put into the bedroom.  It should not be too big (there is not much space for it) still it should be big enough to accommodate 14" laptop, table lamp, some books.  I tired to find some in store and online but unfortunately I could not find exactly what I wanted. Eventually I build one myself.  Here is how I made it:

  • For the table top I used cherry board (six feet length and 8.5 inches wide) which I found  in the local Rockler store. 
  • I cut board in a half, glued two parts together and attached mending plates to secure attachment.
  • I cut corners on one edge of the assembled board just to give it special look.
  • I attached four  28 inches metal hairpin legs (again bought at the local Rockler store).

Above you can see assembled top with legs attached.

The last steps was to sand the top and cover it with the finish. And here it is: table not small, not big, exactly as needed.