Sunday, November 1, 2020


 While traveling trough California this summer I discovered previously unknown for me way to install mail boxes. This one I found in Mt.Shasta.

And this one is in Morro Bay.

I would tell that it it a smart solution: instead of digging down deep hole and putting concrete there, one can  just fill out cage or planter with heavy material. If needed mail  box can be relocated with much less effort compare to digging post out of the hole. And it looks more artistic compare to plain post mount.

Our mail  box located inside the garage, having opening in the garage wall. I assumed I will never benefit from design shown above. But...

Recently I have to  move my TV Antenna in front of our house. (It got obstructed by grown up lemon tree). In my area antenna should not be put too high. In opposite: antenna set at five feet produces better signal compare to, say,  seven feet. I am not sure about the reason of that but that what telling me.  So antenna needs to be set below the roof level.  While  mounting antenna mast   I attached mast upper end  to the board where roof gutter is fixed. Mast bottom end I needed to put into the ground. But there are bricks in place and I did not want to drill through them. Here my recent observation came in handy. I just put bottom end into the flower planter filled beneath with sand and  at the surface with stones.

It does work!