Saturday, July 15, 2023

For the Safety of the Office Mate


Here is our eighteen months old corgi. I share my office  space with him. If you pay enough attention you'll find that arm chair, next to which dog lays, does not have wheels.  I had to get rid of  them to provide safety for the dog . Easy to say but not so easy to do. Office arm chairs with  no wheels do not exist.  I could not find one neither in local stores, no online. At the beginning I replaced arm chair with regular home chair, but later I decided to proceed with DIY modification of my old office chair.     

Here are some steps of this project. 

First I removed wheels. That was relatively easy to do. I just needed to pull it hard enough. Then I came up with   design of stands to be put in place of wheels. Here is a design sketch. 

Body of stands I made out of wooden post  taken from  broken hat hanger.  Some additional components I bought in Home Depot: felt glides for chair legs  and  drywall anchors.

Anchors I screwed into holes where wheels previously resided. Anchors fitted perfectly apart  to be a little long. That I fixed  by cutting there  ends with the metal hacksaw.  Here is anchor in place.

Five wooden cylinders I cut from the post. Then  I drilled them through whole length  with 1/8 '' drill and after that with 11/32 drill  only half length. I put anchor screw inside and then taped plastic glide socket into hole. Below you can see wooden stand ready to be attached to the chair.

Inner opening of glide socket is wide  enough to insert screwdriver to screw stands to anchors. Final step was to thread glides into sockets.

Now my office mate my occupy any place in the office he wants. I never will harm him by accidently rolling the chair fast. But if needed I may slowly glide chair over hardwood floor.

I published  this project on to  Instructables website and  submitted it into "Unusual Uses" contest.  For such a modest project it was accepted well enough. Editor of the site featured  submission and even included it into e-mail newsletter. Some users favorited this project. Maybe I have a chance to win some prize?

Update on 07/24/23.  I just got comment on Instructables that actually chair wheel replacement available to buy. Indeed search   through Amazon for ""Office Chair Feet Glides"   reveals a lot of them. If only I  knew before I would buy it  and not "invent the wheel"  myself.