Friday, July 1, 2022

Carquinez Model Railroad Society, Crockett, and C&H


This video I made at open house of Carquinez Model Railroad Society . This event took a place in Crockett CA on June 25..26 of 2022. There is historic building in Crockett which hosts Carquinez Model Railroad Society.  Normally only members of this society have an access there, but several times per year it is open for general public. Rooms of this building accommodates model of the railway segment from Oakland CA to Sparks NV. Model reflects USA railway history from 1950 to present. 


Above you can see visitors blended with railway tracks and running trains.

Here are empty tracks in front of  a station.

And here is model of a bridge. I think it is pretty impressive.

I saw C&H logo on the top of one building model. What does that logo means? I know local supermarkets sell sugar packs with the same logo. Indeed C&H states for California and Hawai'ian sugar company. Its headquarter located in Crockett not far from the place of the railway society. I did a couple of photos in Crockett (see the same logo on  second photo).

After some online research I have found that this company occupies significant place in national  economy. It produces around 14% of USA cane sugar.

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