Friday, June 16, 2023

Broken Chuck


Two years ago my portable tire pump, which served me for almost twenty years died. In the local AutoZone store I have found this one Slime pump as a replacement. Honestly speaking it did  not look as reliable device, but choice was limited so I decided  to take a risk.  It worked OK, but couple days ago I could not attach it to the tire: plastic lever on the chuck got broken (take into consideration that  I  used it not more then 5-7 times ). The pump itself still looked OK, so I decided to fix it. On Amazon I have found  kit with two chucks for ~ $7. I bought it and two days later kit arrived. 

Kit  contained two brass chuck hose ends and two worm  hose clumps. Replacement was easy: 
  • I detached broken chuck from the pump hose end.
  • I put worm clump on the hose.
  • I Inserted replacement chuck into the hose end.
  • Last step was to screw  worm bolt until clump holds the hose end tightly.
Here you  can see the result.

I'll see how long this pump will serve me after the fix. (And I still have one extra chuck end for some future projects).

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