Monday, June 24, 2024

Four Years in Use

 Four years ago I published post about my Go terminal application which I use as  personal password manager.

During all these years I used it on constant basis making some tweaking here and there. This post  summarizes major changes.

  • Application now supports mouse interface. User can utilize keyboard  hits  and mouse clicks interchangeably.
  • At start application can be supplied with some flags. That allows  to select application colors, initial application mode, even  add new table column or delete existing one.
  • In case current cell contains valid URL user can open browser window on that URL with the help of WWW button.
  • There is no button Add anymore (its functionality  absorbed  by button Edit). 
  • When table is in focus user may select  row by hitting key which corresponds to the first letter of the  record name. 
  • Initial implementation had a security vulnerability: content of clipboard was not cleared  in case application was terminated  by closing console window .  Now it is fixed: disregarding of which  way application is terminated (by Ctrl+C, Exit button, or window closing)  clipboard is empty.
Source code of the application  as well as readme is available to the public (same place)

Saturday, June 1, 2024

Tetris House

Couple of photos of  new street art  artifact : "Tetris House". It is private house  in Duboce Triangle neighborhood of San Francisco. Owner recently made  his house to become piece of art.


Street where this house located is not that wide and it is hard to catch the moment, when there are no cars parked, but I tried my best.

And one more photo near the Market Street and 10th Street.


Saturday, May 25, 2024

Syntax Prototype Board

 From my experience succuss of electronic DIY project in a big part depends  on how good  you  solder circuit  components. And high quality soldering depends on the prototype board. Three years ago I have published my review of  Adafruit Board . It is indeed excellent  for small projects accommodating Attinny85 processor but for project based on Atmega328 it is too small.  For a long time my favorite boards for such projects were Radio Shack  catalog numbers #276170 and #270150. Alas, there are no anymore  Radio Shack stores around  and, while Radio Shack web site  still exists, boards are not on sale on there site. Sometimes Radio Shack boards can be bought on E-bay, but cost with delivery reaches   $15 or even more. I consider this as  too much. So I have started to look for a replacement. Eventually I found  this site They sells some useful  stuff including prototype boards. On the picture  below you can see the board taken from there.  I paid  for five boards with delivery  ~$25 (~$5 per a board).

Boards came nicely wrapped into transparent material. On wrapper of each board there were labels: "Made in Taiwan". As you can guess board has  two power buses  and six rows of three  hole  pads.

What differentiate this board form other unexpensive  protype boards is the fact that conductor strips   are not on  surface  but sandwiched in the middle. On one side of the board there is white paint picture  of conductors topology, on opposite side there are isolated spots for component soldering. At first I got frustrated of this fact: (what if I need to cut conductive strip), but eventually I got  used to it. By using some external wire and with boards three hole pads  I can  accommodate any circuit topology needed. Soldering  experience is very good. At least as good as with Adafruit board (maybe even better). 

 Below you can see project I made with this board.

Project itself I published on Instructables site:  

Monday, May 13, 2024

In Seven Years

 There are three pictures showing our front yard  at different stages within last seven years.

Top picture made today. That's how front yard looks now. (I just put fresh two cubic yards of mini red mulch on it).

Photo in the middle made a little bit more than two years ago in March of 2022.

And bottom picture is form April of 2017, right after we converted green lawn to garden.

Friday, March 15, 2024

The Pi Day

Yesterday there was March Fourteen. Since recently people around the world  used to  celebrate this date   as the Pi day.  After the work  my co-worker an myself   strolled   through  the  San Francisco downtown streets and found this view:

Would it be the decent tribute  to the 3.14 number?  

Overall the day was beautiful: warm and sunny. Here are some more street pictures:  

Transamerica Pyramid.

San Francisco mix.

Arks and Lights.

Early evening. Salesforce Tower.

Monday, March 11, 2024

Flower Bulb Day

Last Saturday (March 9, 2024) there was Tulip Day in San Francisco. Eighty thousands tulips grown in USA out of Dutch bulbs were deployed in Union square in San Francisco.

  Everybody could come to this garden and pick up ap to fifteen flowers. The only problem was a huge line. You can see two labyrinths with people lines (on the left and right of the garden) on the picture below, To avoid the line we decided  to enjoy the  view from windows on the Macy's top floor.


  Tulip garden was no only good thing in San Francisco this Saturday. The whole afternoon was beautiful.  "Sky of Blue and Sea of Green". Here is one more photo of Clock Tower  on Embarcadero.


Monday, January 1, 2024

Holiday Decorations

 Here are several photos made  during this Christmas season in our neighborhood. First two photos made  next to private Christian School in our city.

Next three photos are near houses located in the neighboring city. 

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.